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I am a Durban -based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I specialize in Wedding Photography around Durban and KZN, but also capture shoots for engagements, maternity, babies and family portraits.

This is me…

24 July 2018, Tuesday | Written by: Lisa Marie


Since this is my first blog ever ( So exciting ) I thought it would be best to introduce myself.

My name is Lisa Marie. I am based in Durban (Kzn) and this is how I became a wedding and lifestyle photographer.

From a very young age I have been obsessed with saving memories. I am a huge fan of reminiscing an often find myself talking about the past. Most of my conversations start of with “ Do you remember when… haha”

I guess I’ve always had this fear that I might forget something special. So I started searching for a way to document my life. Naturally I found my way to photography. I can still remember taking my first photograph and the joy I experienced when my photograph was presented to me as an A5 photo paper print. The fact that I got to keep that moment ( and the print;) forever was exactly what I had always wanted. From that moment on photography became my way of capturing the world as I saw it. Each photograph would bring me such joy and I would spend hours looking through old photographs. I decided that this was one thing I wanted to share with the world.

Naturally I decided to study photography after school. I could not get enough. I tried every genre of photography and applied myself to learning as much as I could but at the end of my studies I realised where my passion lay. I was naturally drawn to Wedding photography and lifestyle photography, Engagements, weddings, maternity, babies, family portraits, all the beautiful life cycles that I get to document. What a gift. This is truly a dream come true for someone who lives for beautiful moments.

I have a unique way of looking at life and I want to share it. I look at every life event as if it’s my own and say to myself “ what would I want to capture and save? What moments would I want to look back on and enjoy all over again ?  This is just the way I see it. 10 years on and I still have this unbelievable passion for taking photographs ( Uncontrollable sometimes, I must have 1000s of my own photographs stored away hahaha). I absolutely love photography and all the experiences it has presented to me. I consider myself so lucky to be able to do something I love every day. Even more, I get to make sure that my clients have memories to last forever. I get to share my joy and make other people happy. What more could I ask for.

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