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Engagement Photo shoot | One of the best locations in Durban, a golden sunset and a couple in love. Capturing special moments between a newly engaged couple is one of the reason I became a photographer. I love real intimate moments. Picture perfect.

Save The Date | Travis & Yolande

14 January 2019, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie

A stunning sunset, that golden hour, a breathtaking location and two amazing people who have the most amazing chemistry ever. Travis and Yolande’s engagement photo shoot was simply, Picture perfect.

Born and raised in Durban I am a little bias about my city so it’s no surprise that I think this location is one of the best spots in South Africa. As a Durban photographer, the gorge has to be one of my favorite locations. There is just something about it. In a photograph, this location gives the elution of being on top if the world and on this particular afternoon we were blessed with a stunning sunset. All these elements coming together made for perfect photographs. Credit has to go to this amazing couple. Travis and Yolande need no instruction, they are just so real and so comfortable with each other. Ever photograph was composed effortlessly. Stunning!

Engagement photo shoots are so important. They are a great ice breaker as well as they give you an idea of how your wedding photographer works. It’s also just as beneficial for the photographer. It helps us get to know you and how you interact as a couple. I also use this time to try out any ideas the bridal couple may have or want to try. Let’s call it a practice run for the happiest day of your life 😉 All and all I would highly recommend booking an engagement session with your wedding photographer. It is such a special time and should be captured and documented.

I am excited and honored that Travis & Yolande’s have chosen me to be their wedding photographer and capture their wedding day. If this engagement photo shoot is anything to go by, I simply can not wait.

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