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My Photography Dream | I am now a passionate professional photographer,traveling for photo shoots, working form "My space", doing what I love and over all just enjoying life. 

My Photography Dream | Lisa Marie

8 January 2019, Tuesday | Written by: Lisa Marie

Today may seem ordinary to most, but to me today is a very special day. Today is a dream come true. I know this might sound a little cliched but let me explain.

The Dream!

When I realized that I wanted to be a professional photographer I always envisioned myself  traveling for photo shoots, working from home and working on my own time and over all just enjoying life. My vision was, and still is, to be a professional wedding photographer and lifestyle photographer, not only in the Durban area but spanning out into South Africa. Who knows, Perhaps one day ill even take on the globe 😉

 As simple as my dream may sound, life has a way of distracting you 😉 After I completed my photographic studies, I started working a 9-5 day job. A day job would support me while I started my photography career. Well, one thing lead to another and 8 years later I was still sitting in a 9-5 job while my dream of being a full time professional photographer sat on the side line.

I always had this feeling that I was not living my life’s potential. Yes, I was happy but I just knew there was more. So I followed my heart..


Well here it is, Day one ! My dream come true. At the end of 2018 I decide that my passion, my profession and my dream would no longer be a second priority. I knew that if I wanted to realize my dream I needed to make some changes. So here I am. Today is a very special day for me. 

I am a full time professional photographer. I have time to make more bookings, design beautiful albums and photo books. Most of all, I get to travel to capture stunning moments. No words could describe the amount of excitement and joy I feel today. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue my dream and make it a reality.

Thank you all my family, friends. Most of all, Id like to thank my clients for supporting me over the years. Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

 Id love to capture your special moments and make them lifelong memories.

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