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I love at home lifestyle photography session. Where else could you feel more comfortable than in your home. The moments that come out of home sessions are always relaxed, real and fun.

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At Home | Lifestyle Photography

22 July 2020, Wednesday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Lifestyle photography

Im sure in one way or another we have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the Harmsworth family it meant that baby Max missed out on his newborn photoshoot. Yes, it was sad that we missed the opportunity...

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Golden Moments | Maternity Photography

10 July 2020, Friday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Maternity photography

I simply could not wait to share this blog. The story behind these magical photographs is a story of fate. Siobhan was the lucky winner of my instagram competition that I ran for mothers day. It could not be more...

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Dale & Melissa | She Said Yes

30 June 2020, Tuesday | Written by: Lisa Marie

The word authentic comes to mind when I look back and think about Dale and Mel’s photoshoot. A fun filled, real moments kind of engagement photoshoot that resulted in stunning moments caught on camera. Dale and Mel decided to do...

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Moments & Dark Skies | Maternity Photography

2 March 2020, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Lifestyle Photography

One of a photographers biggest challenges has to be the weather. We all know that Durban’s weather can go from one extreme to the next in a matter of seconds, which is exactly what happened on the day. Etienne and...

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And Another On The Way | Maternity Photography

20 February 2020, Thursday | Written by: Lisa Marie

This has to be the cutest maternity session I have yet to capture. Maternity photography sessions are always special but add a very excited big brother and the results are heart melting. Little Leo is just so excited about the arrival of...

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One Sunday Morning | Wedding Photography

18 February 2020, Tuesday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Wedding Photography

I can not even begin to describe how special this day was. When I met Vivienne she was kind enough to share a little history of her life leading up to this special day. Her story was just like a...

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Noah Peter | My Baby Boy

20 January 2020, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie

This is my baby boy Noah. He was born on the 1st December 2019. He is an absolute blessing and has filled our lives with so much love and joy. We are absolutly head over heels in love with this...

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To The Beach | Family Fun

22 October 2019, Tuesday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Lifestyle Photography

This family session is definitely one that stands out for me. It was filled with the most amazing special and natural moments. I simply could not stop taking photographs of this family. We had so much fun and I absolutely...

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Craig & Jade | The Oyster Box

12 August 2019, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Durban Wedding Photographer

I had the absolute honor and privilege of photographing Craig & Jade’s wedding day. Whilst chatting with Jade prior to the wedding I got to hear their story. Craig & Jade had planned on getting married years before however due...

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On Top Of The World | Engaged

15 April 2019, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie
Durban Photographer

I always encourage bridal couples who book their wedding day with me to book an engagement session. There are many reasons that I recommend this, and ill break it down for you, but first and for most I feel that...

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