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How to choose the right Wedding Photographer | There is one thing on the wedding planning checklist that can be quiet overwhelming, the search to find your wedding photographer. So I would like to share a few tips to help you find and book your wedding ph

Booking A Wedding Photographer

8 September 2018, Saturday | Written by: Lisa Marie

There is one thing on the wedding planning checklist that can be quiet overwhelming, the search to find your wedding photographer. So I would like to share a few tips to help you find and book your wedding photographer and ensure that your happiest day is captured in the best way. So here we go…

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The checklist- First you need to decide what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. Most of the time we want to find a photographer who is affordable, experienced, trustworthy and who offers a good service all round. Make a list of your expectations. Once you know what you are looking for you can begin your search.

Durban Wedding photographer

Thing to look out for- Because we are spoilt for choice it is important that you are looking at the right details when shopping for a wedding photographer. Based on my experience this is what I have found to be important.

  • First search for a photographer in your city ( Durban wedding photographer, Johannesburg wedding photographer etc) If you love going local maybe search a photographer in your town eg Hillcrest, kloof, umhlanga etc This will also make it easier to meet up with your potential photographer.
  • Next browse through the online photo galleries of each photographer’s website. This is an important step as this is where you will decide on what style, look and feel you want for in your photographs and how you want your happy day to be captured. It may even give you a few ideas to add to your special day 😉 Refine your search by selecting the top 5 photo galleries/ wedding photographers that you love.
  • Mail your top 5 photographer and request a quote/ their wedding packages.
  • When they reply with their packages this is what you should look out for.


  • Are they affordable and fit within your budget?
  • Do they offer products eg photobook, photo album, online gallery, printed canvas etc
  • How many digital photos do they offer?
  • Do they offer high resolution images?
  • Are the images post edited or photoshopped ?
  • And most important, how many hours do they offer?

Im sure but answering these questions you will know which photographer would be the best fit. However, Whether you have decided on a photographer or still have a choice to make I would highly recommend the next step.

  • Arrange to meet your possible photographer over coffee. I think this is a very important step that should not be missed. The reason I say this is because your wedding photographer will be working in your personal space the whole day therefore you must be sure that this is a person that you will be relaxed around and be able to work with. Besides all of that, you will be able to meet for the first time and get to know echother so that its not so strange on the day. This meeting also offers a chance for you to view their photography portfolio and products and to chat about your wedding plans and ask any questions you may have. I would also recommend that you use this time to chat about your expectations for your photographer. What you want or need from them.

By the time you walk away from this meeting you will know who your wedding photographer is. YaY!

Deciding on a wedding photographer should be entirely your decision. Do not rush this process or take it lightly. Remember that your wedding photographs will serve as a reminder of the happiest day of your life. After all the cake is finished and the flowers have wilted and everything has been returned to where it needs to go, your photographs will be the one thing you have to hold onto. They will last a life time so be sure that they are everything you want and that all the moments are captured in the best way possible.

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