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Family photography-I am all about themed photo sessions. Every family is unique and I feel that a family photography session should be planned in a way that the session says something about you as a family.

Autumn | Family Time

25 March 2019, Monday | Written by: Lisa Marie

I have had the absolute pleasure of watching the Roux family grow over the years. It has been such a pleasure getting to know this family and capturing all their special life events. This is one of many photo shoots that I had the privilege of capturing for them. Completely unique to them, this family decided to theme their photo shoot. Set in the countryside of Hillcrest on a stunning autumn day this photo session was a photographer dream. Dressed in winter wear of a certain color pallet contributed to the overall look and feel of the session. Giving it a winter theme.

I am all about themed photo sessions. Every family is unique. So why not plan a photo shoot that says something about you as a family. Whether it’s a certain group of colours that you decide to wear or perhaps it’s a season you want to celebrate. It could even be something your family enjoys doing together, for example, going for picnics. I feel that all of these details should be considered when planning a photography session. The result will be a fun and uniques family photo shoot that says the most about you as a family.

I am always open to trying new things and I love learning fun facts about your family. So if there is something unique about your family or perhaps you would like to plan a themed photo session lets get together and tell your story. Together we can plan a family photo session that is both fun and unique. Id love to assist you and capture your family moments and memories.


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