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Albums & Photobooks | When last have you looked through your photographs? These printed photo albums and books will help you keep your photography safe and accessible. Paging through them will bring you so much joy and happiness. Print those photographs.

Albums & Books

31 January 2019, Thursday | Written by: Lisa Marie

You know how all your photographs are digital these days and the only time you get to see them is when you’re searching your phone, camera or computer to find them. Well, these printed photo albums and books will help you keep your photography safe and accessible. Paging through them will bring you so much joy and happiness.


As a photographer, I enjoy looking back over my personal photographs. It was only after my wedding that I discovered this problem where all of my wedding photographs were digital. Therefore every time I wanted to show someone my photographs, I had to whip out my laptop or try to plug the USB in somewhere etc. So During this whole experience, I got thinking, how often do you really sit down and look at your photographs when they are on a digital platform? I mean we normally just put them into a file or store them on a hard drive for safekeeping and that’s it. What happens if you lose your digital copies? Eeeek, risky!


So as a result, I decided to print a wedding album. An album would be accessible and easy for me to take with me and flip through whenever. Most of all an album would keep my photographs safe. Best decision ever!


There is just something about seeing your photographs printed in an album. Maybe it’s the feel of them in your hand. I wanted to share this experience with everyone as most of the time we never get around to printing our photographs. Whether its family photographs, wedding photographs, newborn baby photographs etc they should be printed. It is the best thing you can do. Print your special memories in a beautiful¬†album or book, leave it on your coffee table and watch the joy that unfolds in front¬†of you when family and friends page through. Above all, these albums and photo books make great gifts ūüėČ It’s so worth it!


The Album | Personal Favorite

This is the wedding album I decided on for my wedding album. I was so impressed by the quality of this album that I decided to offer it to my clients. This album has a Wibalin Linen cover that you can personalize using Foiling or Embossing.  The foil is available in 5 colours:  White, Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold to give the cover a personal touch. There are 40 thick pages and they are printed back to back. The thing I like most about this album is that the pages lay flat and you do not lose the image in the spine fold. Conclusion, this album is a great way of presenting your special family events eg wedding photographs, maternity photographs, newborn photographs, travel trips and any other family occasion you would like to document and save in a beautiful way.



The Photobook | Keepsake

Similarly, the photobook is just as good. These are your new family¬†” albums”. I would highly recommend¬†using these photobooks to print all your family memories. They will always be there and ready for you when you feel like reminiscing. Ther store easily in a bookshelf and look great on your coffee table. This¬†photobook has a glossy cover that can¬†personalize by selecting a photograph as your front cover.¬†There are 24 thin paper pages and they are printed back to back. All and all these photobooks are great little keepsakes to have around the house.



Id love to assist you in creating your family albums and photobooks so that your photographs are safe and ready for you and your family to enjoy at any time. It’s time to print those photographs that you have been meaning to.

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