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Lisa Marie Photography | I am a wedding photographer based in Durban. This is what I was born to do. Capturing all the intimate details to cherish forever.

About Me

Durban wedding photographer

Photography is what I was born to do

This is what I was born to do. From a very young age I have been obsessed with saving memories. I often find myself talking about the past and reminiscing. In fear that I might forget something so special I started journaling my memories down. Naturally I found my way to photography.

Taking photography was my way to capture and save moments. I can look back at all my photographs and I get to relive some of the best moments in my life. The excitement and joy that these photographs bought me was a gift and I wanted to share this gift of joy with others.

How I started to grow as a photographer

After my studies is when I started defining myself and the type of photographer I wanted to be. I was naturally drawn to Wedding photography as its just a day that is filled with many beautiful moments. A dream come true for someone who lives for beautiful moments.

Capturing all the small intimate moments that others may miss is what it’s all about for me. I look at every wedding as if it’s my own, what would I want to capture and save? What moments would I want to look back on and relive?

This is my unique way of documenting; I pay attention to the small details.

Durban wedding photographer

Being a perfectionist I spend a lot of time fixing small things. I often find myself editing exit signs or other background interferences out of every photograph.

I work from moment to moment

In making this a personal mission, to treat each wedding as my own, I find myself always going the extra mile for my clients. I don’t work by the clock or a limit of images, I work by moments. You can’t time special. They just happen and I make sure that I am there to capture and save them.

This passion and attention to detail carries over into the editing phase. I pause to look at each photo and ensure that by the time I hit the save button, that photograph has met my high standards. It must be a photograph that I would treasure. Being a perfectionist I spend a lot of time fixing small things. I often find myself editing exit signs or other background interferences out of every photograph. This is just another way that go the extra mile in making sure that each photograph is perfect.

My conclusion: Saving memories for ever

Photography is very personal to me and something that I hold close to my heart. I would not be who I am today if I had not found this way of documenting and saving my past. I look at everything in a completely different way, in a good way. I decide to see the best in everything. To be able to give this gift to someone else is so fulfilling. The joy I feel when someone comes back to me and says “we love our photographs, you captured everything so naturally. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Thank you for documenting the biggest day of my life so beautifully” is my reward.

Through my passion and perfection, I get to give people the best gift one could ask for, memories forever.

Durban wedding photographer